Meet Carsten

Hamburg-based artist Carsten Wagner focuses on the female face and form, wildlife and subculture. Through relief and intaglio printmaking, he brings his characters and innermost thoughts to life, finding joy in getting his hands dirty while creating surreal and hyper-graphic figurative works. The characters in his work come out of their own imaginary universe: a slow-motion caption of ingredients which develop something that contains our volatile zeitgeist, celebrating counter-culture attitudes and underground moods, as well as feelings and conflicts that appeared since humans were present.

Carsten Wagner has made a name for himself in the printmaking scene by participating in several group exhibitions internationally, such as:

  • Relief Conspiracy, SGCInternational, 2022
  • Grabado Pandemico Group Show, Santiago de Chile, 2021
  • 69 printexchange group show, Spain, 2019
  • Relief conspiracy, 2019
  • Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg 2018
  • Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg 2016
  • Big Ass Linocuts, high roller society, London, 2011
  • Papergirl#5, neurotitan gallery, Berlin, 2010
  • Hard times, halcyon, Brooklyn, New York, 2005
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