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Fartmaster - Giclée

Fartmaster - Giclée

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This is the Fart Master 2000. 13 full-size, velocity-sensitive keys. Kit contains 4 x EvilEye polyphonic analog VCO. Noise Generator with white and pink nose. Arpeggiator Module. BadMouthYak Dizzliator. WetFoot11" Module. Impressive Chain. FingerLickingSquid2K LinkSystem. A bunch of unlabelled knobs and ports to Hell. MIDI In/Out/Thru. USB-C. It's the hottest newest on the market. 

Giclée reproduction created from Carsten Wagner's original:

Fartmaster (2021), etched linocut.


  • 35 x 50 cm
  • Museum-quality paper, 310 g/m2
  • Printed locally in Berlin, Germany
  • Open Series (not signed or numbered)
  • Frame not included

Collectors! Get the original, limited-edition, numbered and signed, handmade print HERE!

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